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Z-Fins Speed Asymetric


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Wir präsentieren die Speed Asymetric Finne.

Lieferzeit für Custom Finnen: ca 7-25 Tage.


ASY speedfin is the best option for your new records. Asymmetrical blade and “million kilometer” testing for safety reasons. So far one of the most valued speedfin in the world. 53,27knots of speed made by FRA192 altready in 2015.


Only asymmetrical blade available. Can be ordered for PORT tack and for STARBOARD tack


Pre-Preg carbon, hand made


17 to 29cm TUTTLE

On the water performance

Fast, forgiving, for flat water


All our fins are produced in handmade pre-preg technology.
This is the only way to get the best performance next to the smallest tolerances.
Not a secret that sometimes two similar fins can feel different, but this gives you the opportunity to test out the best one that is the fastest for you.


Speed Fin Selector

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