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Modena Slalom is still the name of AV-Boards slalom range, now featuring 6 boards: Modena Slalom 88, 98, 108, 118, 128, 138. Now the Modena Slalom range suits all the possible wind conditions and covers all the possible combinations for national, international and World Cup competitions.

Modena Slalom 88 (229 x 60 x 88L) and 98  (229 x 62 x 98L) are the strong wind shapes of the range. Both boards feature the same bottom shape and scoopline, with flat in the last 90 cm and light V from tail to nose. The straight scoop line on the mid section of the board is developed for pure speed, while the higher nose and the cut out on the tail allows to the boards to lift enough to manage chops and jibe in full speed and control.

The 2 shapes for the medium range of wind are the Modena Slalom 108 (229 x 68 x 108L) and Modena Slalom 118 (229 x 72,5 x 118L). Both boards feature the same bottom shape and scoopline, with a slightly shorter flat and a higher scoop line than 88 and 98. The bottom shape features a deep v in the mid section of the board, ending with a very light V on the tail.

Modena Slalom 128 (229 x 77 x 128L) and Modena Slalom 138 (227 x 85 x 138L) are the lightwind machines and have been redesigned from scratch, with a narrower outline on the front section and more volume on the slightly wider tail and on the back section of the rails, where the rider stands with the feet. The bottom shape feature a flat tail with a light V increasing to a deeper V on the mid section of the board, where we have the maximum width. This setup allow to the 128 and 138 to be more powerful on the back foot to go better and faster upwind, to accelerate quicker, to keep momentum and speed downwind, enhancing the overall performance in lightwind conditions and control in strong gust or stronger wind conditions.


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