AV-Boards Chubby 2022


AV-Boards Chubby 2022


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Wir präsentieren das AV-Board Chubby 2022

Freemove, Freeride


The previous free-move range BT (Bat Tail) is not anymore in collection, while the Chubby range lost the classic nose protector and now covers the Freemove/Freeride program.

The Chubby 107 (231,5 X 64 x 107L), Chubby 97 (228 x 61,5 x 97L) and Chubby 90 (227 x 59,5 x 90 L) are 3 brand new fast and single fin cross-over shapes, more free-move oriented, featuring a power box, a narrower nose and tail, a straighter scoop line, with light V and double concave on all the bottom.

The outline of Chubby 90, 97 and 107 is slightly longer and narrower than the Chubby 117, 127, 137 to increase performances and comfort in choppy and windy conditions.

The 3 bigger shapes Chubby 137 (237 x 83 x 137L), Chubby 127 (235 x 78 x 127L) and  Chubby 117 (234 x 73 x 117L) keep the same shape (now without the integrated nose protector), keep featuring a tuttle box (foil ready) and keep covering a more freeride oriented program.


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