We are committed to clean beaches and plastic-free seas.

As water sports enthusiasts, we are in direct contact with our environment almost every day. It doesn't matter where we are on this planet. Not everyone has the privilege of seeing the world from a windsurfer's perspective, so we feel a special responsibility. Clear water, fresh air and clean beaches are the basis of our existence and we want to contribute to their preservation together. This is also part of our mission.

Our mission.

CO₂ neutral.

In order to offset the CO2 emissions that arise during the production and transport of our products, we plant mangroves on the Fiji Islands with the support of Atmosfair and the Pforzheim start-up OneMate. This is how we compensate the additional burden on our climate when shopping in the Wind Lounge for you.

In order to keep emissions as low as possible in advance, we reuse all packaging and boxes that arrive from our suppliers. In addition, all boxes from private shipments and deliveries are collected and reused by us and our neighbors. We mark these with a sticker as a note for our customers. If a box is glued together with a lot of plastic tape, we leave it on the box so that, even though ours is always made of paper, we don't have to use any more tape, so that all orders reach you safely and in good order.

- A recycled box is good, no other box is better ;-)

For new packaging, we work closely with our windsurfing friends from Naturapack.

We additionally use the "CO2 neutral" option for all shipping service providers, as far as this is possible.

Plastic free shipping.

Apart from being CO₂ neutral, the packaging of our items is one of our top priorities. Unfortunately, packaging is still often 99% disposable plastic. We don't want to support that, on the contrary we want to do something about it.

We ship the goods we package plastic-free and with a DHL Go Green certificate to your Home.

Since we cannot avoid receiving plastic from some suppliers and because plastic-free water is just as important to us as it is to you, we also independently support plastic environmental projects. In 2020 and 2021 we made it possible to remove around a ton of plastic from the oceans.

In addition to plastic-free packaging and our own actions, we donate to the organization PlasticBank for our community, which frees our seas from garbage and cares about our future. We regularly publish the successes achieved together with the community on Instagram, Facebook and in the Magazine.

To the PlasticBank organization: Plastic Bank

free shipping from 50€

We ship free of charge from a value of 50€. Internationally we ship free of charge from 100€.